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Relive, Create, Imagine.

About Us

The story about the birth of Revolution.

Christal and Kylie are die hard fans of wrestling ever since childhood. In August of 2008, they found a forum called WWE Triple Threat, which is not only about WWE in general but also allowed them to think beyond what they see on the television screen. It allowed them to roleplay their favorite wrestlers and live their lives inside the ring and also outside of the spotlight.

Nine months later, they decided to create a wrestling roleplay forum to call their own. With their experience and creative thinking, they exchanged ideas and went to work. On June 1st, WWE Revolution was born. 

While they run the forum as Admins, they also named themselves as the general managers of a specific brand: Christal roleplays as Shane McMahon, the general manager of Raw while Kylie roleplays as Tiffany, the general manager of ECW. They needed one last person to fill the role as the general manager of Smackdown. Lucky for them, Kasey, fellow friend and member of Triple Threat joined the team  as the co-admin and the general manager under Stephanie McMahon's name. Like the old says,' three heads are better than one'. This has spoken the truth for they come together to discuss ideas from improving the forum to possible dream matches for their cards.

Word about the forum has spread and soon the member list grew as more and more people joined, almost every other week. The forum made over 1700 posts in just two weeks! Since then, it has continued to become a fun, friendly place to be.

Why is it called Revolution?

The name is needed for people to remember easily. A name is needed to represent true meaning to the forum: change from the mistakes learned from experience of roleplaying and also somewhere to call their special little place. That is how the name WWE: Revolution came about.

The meaning of the tagline "Relive, Create, Imagine."

The tagline is not just three simple words. They mean something.

  • Relive = Live through the moments you have seen on the television screen.
  • Create = Make your own storylines, matches and original characters!
  • Imagine = The very heart of the forum. Unleash the creativity and make it into your reality!


The Network.

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  • Launched: 4th September, 2009.
  • Owners: Christal, Kasey, Kylie and Katie.
  • Host: Freewebs.
  • Contact: amandastar17@gmail.com
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