WWE: Revolution

Relive, Create, Imagine.


Thinking about joining? Read what the members have to say about the forum as they share their thoughts and experience.

"It's got an amazing atmosphere of kindness and generosity. The people are so nice and easy to get along and role play with. The place is so organized and clean. It's easy to use and a never ending fun to be on. Revolution is fun and easy, not to mention it lets your imagination run wild."

- Kylie, from Georgetown, Kentucky.


"Have you ever wanted to be creative? Have you ever wanted to become your favorite Superstar or Diva? You ever wanted to create your own wrestler? Ever wanted to become a member of a friend group of role players who will respect your ideas, make friendly suggestion and will always be there to talk to? Then, in all honesty, WWE Revolution is the place you're looking for.

Not only do we enjoy being creative, we all bond together and help each other through tough times and personal struggles. The Admins are wonderful people who will always be there and are up for any options. The members are amazing too. Everyone is up to try something new. WWE Revolution is a safe place for everyone of all ages to come together and create some amazing stories. We have topics about love, hatred, death, friendship and many more. We also have our off topic section, where you can talk about anything you want. Everyone is friendly, so you will never feel alone on this website.

So if you ever want to join us, we will always hold that virtual door open for you."

-- Alesha, from Brisbane, Australia.


"WWE Revolution is a family atmosphere and always welcoming more family members. It's well ran and completely focused around the fun you can have while writing creativity. The members are welcoming and warm people and always willing to help new and old members. The boards are well organized with many different options for roleplaying. It is a great roleplaying environment and easy to do. Revolution is always happy to welcome new members with open arms."

-- Ingrid, from Minnesota.

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"WWE Revolution is a great site for all wrestling fans. You meet tons of new people and consider most of them family. It's also a great site to show just how creative you can be with matches and the many topics you can come up with. Kylie, Kasey and Christal do such a great job at running things, even when their lives can be hectic. Katie is also a great Admin Assistant and contributes to the site. One of the things I love about Rev is that not only are we creative, but we are talented as well. We can show off our graphic designs, videos, stories, etc. 

I would definitely recommend all wrestling fans to come and join the fun. This was the first time I was introduced into a role playing forum and I never regret it. Trust me, you won't regret it either."

-- Ellie, from New Jersey.